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Water: The Building Block of Life

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Water is everywhere, it is the majority of what our world and our bodies are made up of but do you truly know the benefit of water and what it does in our environment? This article talks about the fundamentals of water, why we need it in our lives, and how it controls our world inside of us and all around us.

Water – What our body is made of, at least 60% anyways.

H2O: In chemistry, and in life, water is a very valuable and unique substance. Mainly because H2O has such a basic chemical structure and delicate hydrogen bonds it is easily manipulated and used throughout our natural world. It is the perfect solvent. This means that things can easily change the structure of water.

It is a master conductor with electricity. This is why we don’t want to drop a hairdryer into a bathtub, it will magnify the electric effects and overpower the capacity of the outlet, and definitely overpower the capacity that your cells can handle. Every cellular reaction in our bodies is an electrical reaction and it has a very specific range that it needs to stay at to keep your body alive. Water is the backbone of what makes those electrical conductions happen.

It is a universal solvent, meaning many things will dissolve in it, easily changing the chemical makeup of the delicate H2O. The more solutes that are dissolved in the water, the more conductive that water is. In order to be absorbed by our cells, water needs to have an electrical charge similar to that of the cells. The water also has to be recognized as H2O. when you add things like lemons it brings with it other atoms, ions and charges. This confuses the body and it doesnt recognize that we are drinking water, instead, it thinks we are eating lemons!

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What about the water we drink. This water needs to be pure H2O with very little to no solvents in it. Distilled water or reverse osmosis water, has all of the solvents and ions removed. This means there is no electric conductive activity of the water. Every cellular reaction in our bodies are electrical reactions but this water is not conductive, and therefore it will not be easily absorbed into the cells of the body and our body will quickly pee the water out.

If we are to get distilled or reverse osmosis water, we need to add minerals back in to increase the ionization and conductibility to the water so that our cells can absorb it better.

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On the other hand. If we add carbon into the water such as lemon, cucumber, strawberries, or mint, we are changing the nature of that water is. Water is a universal solvent, so it easily takes on the structure of what is put into it. It will easily take on the structure of that fruit, that carbon molecule, and when it enters the human body, the cells and nervous system see it as a fruit and not as water.

When this happens, the wrong machines in the human body are activated for the digestion and absorption of this watery fruit, instead of absorption of water. More importantly, the body never sees it as water, instead, it just sees that you are drinking fruit all day. The same is true with tea, full strength or watered down. Coffee, light beer, the ice that you add to your soda. The body does not see that as water or hydration at all. It just sees it as more of that food, that carbon molecule.

Water can also take on vibrations. Dr. Mosuru Emoto studied the crystalline form of water, ice. He found that human thoughts, words, emotions, sounds, and musical vibrations could change the ice crystals of the water that he was testing. The water changes based on the environment it is in. Remember, our body is made up mostly of water. The water in our bodies is also affected by our thoughts, words, emotions, and the music we listen to. We all can tell a difference in how we feel based on the music that we hear. Some frequencies of music will cause you to feel anxious, nervous, or restless while others can make you feel calm, relaxed, and content. There are different frequencies to the music you go to sleep to and the music you wake up to. Even the animals sound different at different times of the day.

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Rain is another form of water. Rain water can get charged by different chemicals in the air as well as the ions in the clouds. Lightning is simply H2O partials rubbing together at different frequencies and pressures, causing static electricity. Just like rubbing your socks on the carpet and then touching something, the static electricity needs to go somewhere and so it is released as lightning bolts. The electricity from the H2O causing the lighting is just more vibrations which is why we can hear loud booms of thunder afterwards. This releases a ton of electromagnetic ions into the atmosphere. These ions can easily be felt when storms come through and this pressure changes. Everyone knows someone who can feel the weather changing in some way. This tells me that they have an ion imbalance and correcting their water is a necessary place to start!

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Other good practices are to drink your water at room temperature, or warm. When we drink ice-cold water, our body has to take energy to bring the water up to body temperature before digesting it. The stomach is HOT! At least as hot as the rest of our body, 98.2* F. In Chinese medicine we call this Stomach Fire. When we drink cold water we are dampening our stomach’s digestive fire and making it harder to digest, absorb and assimilate the nutrients that we get from our meals or supplements. Some practitioners will tell you not to drink anything with meals at all because this dilutes our stomach acid and causes us to dampen the Stomach Fire during meals.

What is the best water practice? Because we are mostly water, and at high elevation where our bodies are dehydrating faster because of evaporation, we need equally as much water in ounces. So we are about 66% water, so we need to drink 66% or ⅔ of our body weight in ounces. A 150-pound human would need to drink about 100 ounces of water every day.

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This 100 Oz of water needs to be just water and ions or minerals. Springwater, filtered drinking water charcoal filters, distilled water with minerals added are some examples of healthy water. Drink at room temperature.

Lemon water, coffee, tea, beer, ice from fountain drinks, watered-down juices are not considered water when ingested and cannot count toward the 100oz of water daily.

There is a lot to think about when it comes to our personal health and there are a lot of ideas out there on things to do to heal your body. In my experience, the 1st and most important thing to focus on is hydration and hydrating your cells which is what makes all of us go!

Make sure you are getting your water in everyday for best results!!!

-Dr. Heidi Albete, ND

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