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Castor oil comes from the seeds of the berries off of The Ricinus communis tree.

That’s right Breaking Bad fans, this is the same plant that was used as a lethal weapon.  That part comes from a toxin called Ricin which is in the out side of the seeds and not extracted into the oil. 

The seeds are pressed and an oil remains. Much like sunflower or olive oil.

This specific oil is used medicinally for many purposes topically on the body.

Before trying this at home. Remember there is always possible allergy and make sure you speak with your licensed naturopathic doctor. Visit my website below or You can find one near you on [email them and attach link]

#1 Internal ingestion is not recommended unless under supervision of a licenses naturopathic doctor, but castor oil has an infamous reputation as a very powerful laxative to aleviate constipation, but also causes diarrhea. Your grandmother may have tried to get you to drink this as a kid. Drinking castor oil will indeed cause a mildly painful contraction of your intestines. This is rairly used today because of other natural, less painful options.

#2 It is used by trained professional midwives as a “labor bomb” start labor. Castor oil stimulates the contraction of the uterus the same way as the intestines. Do not Use during pregnancy AT ALL.

#2 Generally castor oil is used topically for its extreme anti inflammatory properties. It is also used to enhance elimination of all of inflammatory waste through the lymphatic system.

The anti-inflammatory properties are universal. You can use castor oil on joints for sprains, strains, injury as well as enlarged lymph nodes, cysts and masses. It can also be used over the pelvic region for endometriosis, fibroids and painful menstruation. It is most commonly used on the abdomen over the liver to help cleans any inflammation and promote detoxification.

#3 Castor oil is also an amazing moisturiseor. It is a monounsaturatioed fatty acid, which absorbs into the skin to hydrate and plump up the collegen in the tissues. This promotes anti aging much easier. It also forms a hydrophobic layer on the skin so moisture cannot leave. This can be used sucsesfully on dry, cracked scally skin, dandrif and dry mouth and dry eyes.

#4 this oil can also help repair and heal wounds. By maintaining a moist invironment the skin is more rediliy able to heal and not dry out. Castor oil is antimicrobial so it can help to decrease the risk of infection. It stimulates the growth of new cell production and removes the waste of cell destruction and turn over. Patient trials show that when treated with castor oil they experienced higher healing rates in shorter amount of time. When in doubt, put the castor oil out.

However, make sure you don’t apply castor oil to an open wound. Wait until the wound, stiches or cut has healed before using the castor oil.

#5 Remember how I said it was antimicrobial? That means Many microbs. It can fight off candida, one study used it to kill candida in root canals, gum disease and plaque over growth. Topically it can be used to kill staph orver growth and is being studies on infections like MRSA.

#6  Another amazing little trick that castor oil can be used for is to reduce adhesions and scars after surgery  and the wound has healed.  It can also help to reverse scar damage that has already formed.

First assemble your supplies.

#1 Organic Castor oil

#2 Organic Wool Flannel

#3 Heat pad

#4 Witch Hazel (For cleaning off the Castor oil)

Most important of course is the castor oil.  Make sure you get organic oil because we are applying it directly to the skin.  Our skin is the biggest organ in our body and it is highly absorbable.  Anything that you are putting on your skin will absorb into your body.  For this treatment we want to heal not hurt, so we’ll want to avoid anything with pesticide residues.  I also like my oils to come stored in a glass container for the same reason, to avoid the plastics.  It is important to use organic flannel as a towel. And a heat source which helps the castor oil penetrate the skin much deeper

Get comfortable and expose the area you want to be treated.

For scars you will want to message the oil into the tissue for 30 seconds or longer to ajutate the scar fibers and break up connective tissue so that the castor oil can penetrate deeper intimately into the tissue.

After messaging, put some more oil on to the flannel and place it over the scar. Apply heat and now it is time to relax, meditate, read a good book or snuggle.

This is where the healing happens allow the treatment to work for at least 20 minuets.  I like to go to sleep with my pac on.

To remove the oil you can use Witch Hazel.  However, I like to leave the oil on to continue to get the benefits of it soaking into my skin.

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